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Definitely Maybe

Suspect Luo Haomin

Two weeks after stressing that the murder of Liuzhou planning director, He Bin was “definitely” the result of a robbery gone wrong and that rumours of any connection between the arrested suspect, Luo Haomin and He were false, it is now emerging that the suspicions of net users that there was more to the story than met the eye were justified.

According to Liuzhou police, it is now claimed that the two knew each other. Luo had apparently approached He, who had previously been Director of Liuzhou Municipal Construction Committee, for assistance in obtaining low cost housing. Mr He told Luo that he was not entitled to such housing as he did not meet the requirements and that, in any case, he was no longer in a position to help as he had taken up his new post with the planning department.

At this point, the police report switches back to the original claim. They say that having been refused help, Luo decided to rob Mr He instead. Seems like they want to introduce new evidence while still maintaining that they were right all along.

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