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Friday Food 58 – Fire Chicken


Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This Friday we are festively talking turkey.

Turkey 火鸡

Ask almost anyone in Liuzhou, the locals or the foreigners, and they will almost certainly swear blind that turkey is utterly unavailable in the city. Like many things the locals and the foreigners tell me about Liuzhou, it is complete nonsense. We are surrounded by turkeys.

Known in Chinese as 火鸡 (literally Fire Chicken) turkeys aren’t going to show up in your local supermarket or market, but are bred on several farms on the outskirts of the city. I’ve been to a couple. You usually have to make an appointment, but they will sell you one without hesitation. I’ve no idea of the current price of the beasts (I think there are much nicer things to eat), but they count as speciality meat so, relatively,  are a bit more expensive than they might be back home where they are mass produced.

The cheapest I know of are a mere ¥10 per bird. That is for a hatchling (火鸡苗). Feed it up for a few months and Christmas dinner is a bargain!


Turkeylings 火鸡苗

Many of these farms also offer things like pheasant eggs (野鸡蛋), mallard duck eggs (野鸭蛋) for hatching, as well as non-poultry game such as bamboo rat (竹鼠) etc. Those of a delicate disposition should be careful  – many also breed cockerels for chicken fighting (斗鸡).

One place worth trying is Liuzhou Speciality Birds Breeding Centre (广西柳州市特种珍禽养殖场). You need to make an appointment by calling 13481221882. They will give directions.

There is another in Shatang to the north of the city. I’d post the details, but if you think I’m going out in this miserable weather to take a picture of a sign, you are very wrong. I’ll post it later. It’s at 杨柳路 which is off the main road to Rongshui (融水) just north of Liuzhou Teacher’s College South Campus (柳师专南校). No. 3 bus route.

All that said, I struggle to understand why anyone would want to eat turkey when there are so many, such nicer things to eat. I’ll probably just have a big bowl of snails for Christmas dinner!

Merry whatnot!

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