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There’s guns across the river aimin’ at ya

According to the local rag, so it must be true, 23 replica guns were confiscated from a toy shop in Liuzhou. Like most toy shops in China, it is right beside a school. This is the second such shop this year to be investigated for selling illegal replica guns. I also remember similar tales from before.

What I want to know is where to buy the real ones. Two of my neighbours are “decorating” their houses simultaneously. Of course ‘decorating’ in China does not mean slapping on some paint or hanging up some wallpaper (do they have wallpaper in China?) It means knocking down walls, hammering and drilling from dawn till dusk. Shouting is also required, as is dropping garbage all down the stairwell. Filthy pigs. Need shooting!

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5 Responses to “There’s guns across the river aimin’ at ya”

  1. David Says:

    My neighbours in the hotel I’m staying at right now spent 2 or 3 hours late last night bathing a hippopotamus ( or trying to drown it ) which also involved lots of celebratory shouting .. Maybe it’s one of the many Chinese festivals ? Management here in Shanghai were uninterested , so , after you with the weaponry please…

  2. MyLaowai Says:

    Put superglue in their door locks at night when the ‘builders’ are asleep. That’ll fuck ’em.

  3. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Don’t be ridiculous. They are smashing everything in the premises. They won’t hesitate to smash the door down.

  4. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    What I really need is a couple of hand grenades.

  5. David Says:

    Consider them gift wrapped ! But with my luck I’d probably yank my temporary plate out with the pin !
    But please , just one thing from you . If you EVER get the slightest hint that I’m going to Nanning again , PLEEEZZ , I beg you , stop me . Whatever it takes , shoot me even , but stop me . Efffiing grey dirty s…h..e . How can this so called green city be the capital of beautiful Guanxi ?

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