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Pockets Picked; Pickpockets Pinched

With the holidays upon us, the Liuzhou people are celebrating in their usual manner. How else to mark 63 years of communist party rule than by going shopping?

The city centre streets today were rammed with shoppers, street traders and leaflet distributors. You couldn’t move. Of course, it is not only the shoppers who are out in force. So are the pickpockets.  Five were arrested over the weekend.

The local police are having a bit of a campaign against these scum, who get quite high tech, employing long handled tweezers to extract your cash etc. Those arrested were not caught in the city centre but at bus stops where people were crowding to travel into the centre, or on the buses themselves. Moral of the story, take extra care on buses.

Police are giving out the usual advice which can be summarised in two words – “Be sensible”. Unlike the Liuzhou idiot who wrote the PIN number on a piece of paper then taped it to his elderly mothers bank card in case she forgot it. The card was stolen on Saturday and the account cleared out to the tune of some ¥10,000 (although once again ‘10,000’ may just mean ‘a lot’.) Frankly, anyone that stupid deserves to be robbed.

Here is an old video of pickpockets in action in Liuzhou. Apologies for the quality.

Happy holiday and be safe.

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2 Responses to “Pockets Picked; Pickpockets Pinched”

  1. carl johnson Says:

    Within 45 minutes of arriving at the airport, I had a cute little pick pocket lift my i phone
    on the number 24 bus. Verizon i phone 4, locked out, totally useless in China. She must have been very disappointed. I hope she was able get a few yuan out of the parts! LOL

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    They can be unlocked in China.

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