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Food Festivity

As part of the upcoming Water Carnival during the National Day holidays, Liuzhou is also holding what they are billing as an International Food Festival. This will run in the Liuzhou International Conference and Exhibition Centre in Liudong district from September 29th to October 5th.

The opening ceremony on the 29th will feature 10,000 people simultaneously eating Luosifen 螺蛳粉, the local delicacy of spicy rice noodles in a snail stock. This is in an effort to reach a Guinness World Record (and generate tourism publicity). The noodles will be served free to up to 10,000 invited guests. (By the way, 10,000 in Chinese very often just means “a lot”. They will have to be more precise to impress Guinness judges.)

In addition, an “international food street will invite cooks from foreign countries, including Russia, India and Korea, and 22 provinces and cities in China to present more than 300 delicacies. Another street will display and sell local specialties from Liuzhou and other parts of the country.

The publicity material is appearing all over town. As is usual for government run events, no information on ticket availability or cost is given. They keep them all for themselves.


And then…

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