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Wenhui Bridge Closure

It has been announced that Wenhui Bridge – the pretty red one- will be closed from Saturday July 21 until Tuesday August 28th 2012. The closure is to allow for maintenance and construction.

Inevitably this will lead to even more chaos and congestion in the city centre. There are plans to reroute traffic and restrict odd and even number licence plates to use the Liujiang (No1) Bridge on alternate days. Just make sure you have a spare pair of plates with a different number.

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2 Responses to “Wenhui Bridge Closure”

  1. Da_Wei Says:

    Viewed from 东门。(Dong Men – East gate).
    But you have missed the view of the old church – with a bar in the corner!
    Do they think religion drives one to drink? 🙂

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    The old church? It may look old, but it isn’t. Under 10 years old. I remember when they built it. And it’s actually mostly a hotel, complete with bars, restaurant and karaoke. The church only occupies a small area on the first floor corner on the right as you face it (the western corner).

    More significant than religion driving one to drink is that the church is bang in the middle of one of Liuzhou’s more seedy red light districts. Like many, the hotel is also a brothel.

    And the smell of the sea you detect during mass isn’t the Sea of Gethsemane, but the seafood market at the back of the building.

    Generally, and I realise it may be a peculiar habit, when I take a photograph of a bridge, I try to point the camera towards the bridge, not at some other building quarter of a mile away. There are pictures of the church/hotel/brothel/seafood market aplenty on the website. These resulted from me taking pictures of the church/hotel/brothel/seafood market and not pointing the camera at the bridge which I didn’t want to photograph that day.

    And a picture of a church/hotel/brothel/seafood market would be pretty irrelevant to this story, wouldn’t it?


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