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Random Photograph 58 – What Piranha?

Random Photograph No. 58 of photographs taken in Liuzhou which amuse, perplex or fascinate me.

Swimming lesson in the Liujiang, Liuzhou – 15th July 2012

Despite the ridiculous headlines and ignorant conjecture about Liuzhou’s recent piranha scare, the locals are not terrified, panicked or up in arms. They are, as usual, totally laid back. The few who got involved were enjoying a bit of fishing with the very vague chance of catching something they never caught before. Or being caught. It’s called game fishing! Not fishing as a game!

The millions of predicted scammers who were going to buy piranha from Taobao never materialised, largely because all the piranha advertised in Taobao weren’t piranha at all and, anyway, the government weren’t as stupid as some bloggers who should know better or some Weibo tweeters, and had set up safeguards and conditions.

Anyway, I am happy to report that not a single piranha has been found in the river after the first (which many locals suspect may have been introduced by the man who was bitten, although that is unverified).

Whatever, the locals are getting on with life as they always do.

My camera tells me I took this picture at 12:53 today. I was strolling by the Liujiang between No 1 bridge and Hongguang Bridge after lunch when I spotted them. Dad is teaching his son to swim in the shark piranha infested waters of the Liujiang. Not a piranha in sight or mind.

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One Response to “Random Photograph 58 – What Piranha?”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Thank you for shedding light on the Piranha scare, when I first read about it I thought how does a fish like that just appear. Someone placing the fish in the river makes more sense .

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