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¥1000 Bounty per Piranha

Headline in local newspaper – “1000元 reward per piranha caught”

Having spent the last few years actively building up and promoting the river as a major tourist attraction, Liuzhou government is reacting quickly to the recent Attack of the Eat People Fish. In 2008, they managed to land the Grand Prix F1 Motor Boats World Championship and since then have signed a five year contract for the event. In addition, since then, they have added various other international events  and in 2011 held the first International Water Carnival, an event they promised would rival Rio’s carnival. It didn’t get anywhere near that, of course, but is due to be repeated in October of this year. They must be terrified of losing that.

Instead of carnival, they got carnivorous and now are offering a reward of ¥1,000 for every piranha caught in the river. Liuzhou Game Fishing Club have been commandeered to assist in the hunt and they are appealing for more volunteers. A huge net strung across the river on Monday failed to catch anything and now they are relying on regular fishing rods baited with pork and various bits of offal.

That said, I took a stroll along the river bank this afternoon and there were no more people fishing than usual, although I was possibly on the wrong stretch of the river. The original attack took place downstream from the city centre, near 白沙 district and 河东 bridge . The few people I saw fishing today were more interested in catching fish to eat, rather than fish to eat them.

I did notice that there were no people swimming though.

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UPDATE ( July 13th,  2012)

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2 Responses to “¥1000 Bounty per Piranha”

  1. keith Says:

    It has gone international.

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    BBC video here

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