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Friday Food 34 – Almond Fish

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, something new to me – Almond Fish

I’d never come across this until last week. I was mooching around in one of Liuzhou’s food shops when I spotted this bag of almond fish. At first I thought this referred to a type of fish, but no – it’s almonds and fish in a bag. In Chinese it’s 杏仁小鱼. (As they are imported from Taiwan, the bag uses traditional Chinese characters so the final character, for ‘fish’, is .)

Almond Fish

According to the ingredients list, the bag contains slivered almonds, tiny fish, sugar and sesame seed. I didn’t notice any trace of the sesame, but sure enough the mix tasted sweet and fishy. Quite peculiar, but not unpleasant.

Almond Fish

Apparently, this is a fairly  popular in Japan and in Taiwan and has now made its way to Liuzhou. I can’s see them being hugely popular, especially at a fairly expensive ¥29.80 for a small bag. I much prefer the dirt cheap, crispy fried whitebait sold in the supermarkets – especially after doctoring them with some chilli powder (or, even better,  if you can find it, Japanese 7 spice powder (七味唐辛子.) Much better beer food.


Japanese 7 spice powder

Almond Fish can be found in 直营店.

Japanese 7 spice powder is sometimes available from Vogue Health and Beauty (right at the back of the shop).


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