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A Bite of China

Over the last few weeks, Chinese television has broken with tradition and accidentally broadcast  something actually worth watching. 舌尖上的中国 or ‘A Bite of China’ is a seven part series of spectacular food porn and has been hugely successful.

Episode 1 even includes Liuzhou and 螺蛳粉, along with some other local dishes! Rather childishly, some Nanning newspapers have claimed never to have heard of these Liuzhou dishes and bewailed their choice not being featured instead.

Anyway, I’ve seen every episode and think they are brilliant.

All seven episodes are available to watch here. With English narration.

A second series is in production and due to be broadcast in early 2014. See here.

The Wall Street Journal have belated caught up with this story and produced this fairly interesting article.

And another good article from 正名 here.

There is also a book. Available from Xinhua book stores – ¥50 (Chinese only apart from chapter titles)


UPDATE 2 – September 12, 2012

Oliver Thring, in the Guardian today, has described the series as “the best TV show I’ve ever seen about food.” He also mentions Liuzhou.

Update November 17, 2012 

China Central TV have now released a seven DVD set with official soundtrack narration (and subtitles) in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

It comes with a copy of the book (Chinese only) and costs ¥146.


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    […] Most bamboo shoots (竹笋) found in the west are canned or bottled, but Liuzhou is famous for its fresh bamboo shoots. So much so that it was featured in first episode of the recent, hugely popular television series 舌尖上的中国 or A Bite of China. […]

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