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Friday Food 28 – Bayberries

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week we are going back to fruit with one of my all-time favourites – Bayberries

Every May, these wonderful berries turn up in Liuzhou’s markets. Known locally as 杨梅, they are bayberries (although often mistranslated as waxberries).

They are simultaneously sweet and tart and I love them. Out of season they are sold dried in the confectionery aisle of your local supermarket, and they ain’t bad, but the fresh ones are the real deal.

Available now from every market, supermarket and street trader. Around ¥8 per 500g.

Bayberry street vendor in Liuzhou

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One Response to “Friday Food 28 – Bayberries”

  1. vera Says:

    it was only two to four yuan per 500g in my hometown. the kids always ate so many that they got a stomach ache.

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