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Fire Drill

Back in the dark ages, when I was in high school, there were regular fire drills – usually once per term. They were not announced in advance so we never knew if they were real or not till it was all over. The point of the exercise was to get all the pupils out of the buildings quickly and assembled at pre-specified gathering points to be counted, all without panicking. I just remember it being a welcome diversion from maths class.

I don’t recall any fire drills at university, but I guess there must have been. There’s a lot I don’t recall from university.

Liuzhou Teachers’ College held a fire drill earlier this week. This was pre-annnounced and indeed the local dignitaries and those teachers and students not taking part gathered for the show. And quite a show it was.

College leaders, fire department and police chiefs etc watch the show

 First they set off some smoke bombs in classrooms in the main teaching building.

No smoking!

 and evacuated the students

 and everyone gathered in the open air for a cough and a splutter.


Well, nearly everyone. It turned out that some students had become “trapped” and needed rescuing. They waved their spare t-shirts which they had brought along specially in case of fire.

They were then duly rescued by a variety of means.



One poor chap was left to fend for himself by making a rope from the classroom curtains then abseiling down.

All in all, it looks a lot more dramatic than the rather tame fire drills we had, and a fine time was had by all. They may hold another in another 20 years.

There are no fire alarm activating switches, or any fire alarm systems anywhere in the college.

Source (Chinese)

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8 Responses to “Fire Drill”

  1. Yingying Xue Says:

    I could not find myself!!where was I at that time??

  2. Furio Says:

    LoL it really looks like a lot of fun… you are the one that took the pictures (just curious)?

  3. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Er no, look where it says “Source”

  4. steve Says:

    When there’s a fire — metal bars on the windows also adds to a little excitement …..don’t you think ?
    I’m surprised they didn’t lock the doors for those poor souls who failed the national CET 4 English exam?

  5. anothergaijin Says:

    That last guy was totally forever alone. Because China… 🙂

  6. Hao Hao Report Says:

    Someone thinks this story is fantastic…

    This story was submitted to Hao Hao Report – a collection of China’s best stories and blog posts. If you like this story, be sure to go vote for it….

  7. James Says:

    We gave you a shout out out on the China Travel Blog!

    Great post. Must’ve been one helluva show.

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