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Leveson in Liuzhou?

A Liuzhou man, named only as Mr Hong, has been arrested on suspicion of illegal access to citizens’ personal information. The self-styled “Mad Detective” started his detection activities as a hobby, using his computer to track personal information and is reported to be obsessed by detective stories. After successfully tracking down a missing debtor and being financially rewarded for his efforts, he turned his hobby into a business, concentrating on marital infidelity and missing person cases.

He is said to have amassed a large collection of “illegal detection equipment” whatever that might be. His activities, which he openly advertised, finally attracted the attention of Liuzhou Public Security Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Unit and the Internet Monitoring Unit, ultimately leading to his arrest along with that of two of his staff.

Mr. Hong (left)

Mr. Hong (left)

Rumours that he was working for Rupert Murdoch have not been substantiated.

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One Response to “Leveson in Liuzhou?”

  1. Jim Mahler Says:

    Jealousy may have been a factor in the decision to arrest him.

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