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Delusional Deli

“Bake” – Deli in Liuzhou Radisson Blu Hotel

Maldon Sea Salt – ¥25 from Tiramisu on 斜阳路 xié yáng lù / ¥120 from the Radisson

Some time before Liuzhou’s Radisson Blu hotel opened, it became known that the plans included a deli. I remember a conversation with some other laowai, who were being excited and looking forward to the opening. I remained sceptical.

It has now been open a few months and touts itself as the “only deli and bakery in the area” offering “western gourmet products” while evoking “the feel of a welcoming, warm bakery”.

In fact, it has all the atmosphere of an airport shop or a retail outlet in a large hotel.  And it has little that can’t be bought elsewhere in Liuzhou at a fraction of the price. In fact, on a recent visit, I only saw one product I couldn’t buy elsewhere in Liuzhou – and no products that I couldn’t buy considerably more cheaply.

Almost everything, from the jam through the capers, olives, mustard and gherkins are available in Liuzhou city centre at half the price or less. But chief amongst the price gouging is the Maldon sea salt, which they are selling at an obscene ¥120 a pack. The same pack can be bought in Liuzhou for ¥25. (In Maldon it is £1.65 / 250g.  ¥16. Not £12.)  Glad to see they have a sense of humour.

But it does lead me to ask, “Who do they think they are aiming themselves at?”

Who books into a five star hotel and wakes up in the morning desperate to buy a box of salt? At any price?

Certainly the locals ain’t about to be buying it when regular table salt is ¥1.30  per 500g and locally produced sea salt (from Beihai) is a mere ¥2 per 500g. Even when I first bought the Maldon for ¥25, the guy in the shop felt moved enough to tell me, “It’s only salt, you know?”

And most resident expats know where to buy most of this stuff at more sensible prices. If they don’t, they can look here.

They have to be delusional.  Don’t they?

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4 Responses to “Delusional Deli”

  1. Mrs Yu Says:

    Is Maldon salt more effective in a radiation scare? Only the rich will survive?

  2. Jim Mahler Says:

    Where do you get mustard? I’ve looked all over town and never been able to find it.

  3. Liuzhou Laowai Says:


    Click here to see where to buy stuff.


  4. Michael Says:

    “Is Maldon salt more effective in a radiation scare? Only the rich will survive?”

    Brilliant Laura.

    I found the mustard as advertised Ken!

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