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Friday Food 20 – Golden Pig Cakes

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, Golden Pig Cake.

Golden Pig Cake - showing interior

You may have seen these things in the local supermarkets or bakeries recently. They come in various sizes. The one pictured is around 16cm nose to tail.

Next week is Qing Ming Festival, a form of ancestor worship, sometimes called Tomb Sweeping Day in English.

Known in Chinese as 招财金猪饼 zhāo cái jīn zhū bǐng, or “Gain riches gold pig cake”, they are really just the dreaded mooncakes in a different form but are offered as a good luck symbol. The dense cake is made from lotus seed paste flavoured with nuts and sesame seeds, wrapped in a heavy sweet pastry. They are also used symbolically to ensure that the dead have enough to eat in heaven. Well, it wouldn’t be heaven if they were starving, would it?

They also come in the form of chickens and fish. ¥8.80 in Century Mart.

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