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The Rice Paddy

In the far north of Liuzhou prefecture lies Sanjiang county. Sanjiang town itself is of little interest, but the surrounding countryside, with its ethnic minority villages attracts many visitors. The area is predominantly inhabited by the Dong ethnic minority whose “wind and rain” bridges and their drum towers are well known, especially the bridge at Chengyang.

Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge

Despite the tourism, it remains a relatively poor area, and while the wooden houses are picturesque, hardly a winter goes by without at least one village being burnt to the ground.

Zhu Xiaoling

French film company, Orient Studio Productions is about to release a movie written and directed by Zhu Xiaoling entitled La Rizière (English title: The Rice Paddy). Zhu, now of French nationality, was born and grew up in Guangxi before studying at the Beijing Cinema Academy and, at the same time, working at the Guangxi Movies Studios. She moved to France in the 1990s.

She describes the movie as “close to the “neo-realist” tradition. It is purely fictitious, inspired by true facts and characters.” The story is narrated in the Dong language by the 12 year old daughter of the family, A Qiu. As in many village families, A Qiu is brought up by her grandmother while her parents are working as migrant labourers in the cities. When grandmother dies, they have to return to the village.

The movie, which is said to be the first in the Dong language, premières in France on May 2nd, 2012.

 Here is a short excerpt from YouTube. English subtitles.

And the trailer. English subtitles.

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