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Friday Food 15 – Ginseng Fruit

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, we go back to the fruit and an example of one in season right now is ginseng fruit. Known in Chinese as 人参果, is also known as pepino dulce and is the […]

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Within weeks of freeing up Liuzhou’s traffic in the peninsula area, by reopening Guangchang Lu to the north of the square, they are about to crash it all down again. Next month, construction will begin on what they are calling “BRT” or “Bus Rapid Transit” lanes from Liuzhou railway station, down Fei’e Lu, across Liujiang […]

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More Mayhem

When they aren’t trying to poison us by serving up cadmium soup instead of drinking water, or stabbing each other for the right to take wedding photographs, the locals are apt to dedicate a lot of their energy to displaying their dismal driving skills and mowing people down on an almost daily basis. They aren’t […]

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Wedding Photography War

Walking around the downtown shopping area, you can’t avoid the several “wedding photography” companies touting for business. They all specialise in providing near-identical tacky, cheesy pictures of the lovely couples sitting around in ridiculous poses, wearing clothes other than their own. Then they have their photographs retouched until their own mothers wouldn’t recognise them. And […]

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Liuzhou Internet Blackout

At approximately 3 pm today, Sunday 19th February, large parts of Liuzhou’s internet provision melted. It got slower and slower, then by 4 pm it was difficult to maintain a reliable connection. From 4:30 till about 6:10, it was out completely. This was on China Telecom. I was able to access the internet via my […]

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Friday Food 14 – Silkie

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, we look at the silkie or black bone chicken. Anyone who has visited a Liuzhou supermarket will have seen these black chickens. It isn’t the feathers which are black, but the skin, […]

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Wishful Weather Thinking

Over the years, I’ve found Yahoo Weather to be the most accurate of the weather forecasts on offer. By far the worst is the SMS service offered by Liuzhou Meteorological Bureau via China mobile. Its forecast is apparently determined by an intern sticking his thumb out of the window, determining the weather at the moment, […]

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Gas poisoning epidemic

As they do every winter, Liuzhou health authorities are issuing warning notices about carbon monoxide poisoning. This follows a large number of cases of poisoning in the last few days, including one death. 90 cases of severe gas poisoning were reported in one night (13th Feb) with dozens being treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy in […]

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Random Photograph 50 – Tomato

Random Photograph No. 50 of photographs taken in Liuzhou which amuse, perplex or fascinate me. Here in celebration of Valentine’s Day is a picture of a tomato! And why not? Tomatoes were once called “love apples”. The reason is disputed but a strong contender of an explanation is that they were considered to be aphrodisiacs. But […]

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The Rice Paddy

In the far north of Liuzhou prefecture lies Sanjiang county. Sanjiang town itself is of little interest, but the surrounding countryside, with its ethnic minority villages attracts many visitors. The area is predominantly inhabited by the Dong ethnic minority whose “wind and rain” bridges and their drum towers are well known, especially the bridge at […]

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