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Water Crisis – Monday 30 January Update

Testing water samples on the Liujiang

This morning, the Liuzhou emergency information service sent their now at least daily text messages informing citizens that, at 7 am today,  the detected cadmium level of water entering Liuzhou West water processing plant was 0.0022mg/l and, after treatment, water is leaving the plant with a level of <0.00060mg/l which is well within national safety standards.

China Daily published an article entitled River pollution level safe but rising, which rather contradicts the figures being sent out by Liuzhou authorities. They are all falling.

In general, the news media is utterly confused and therefore confusing. Some things have read have been hilariously inaccurate, unless water has started flowing uphill. They often confuse the two rivers involved, the Longjiang and the Liujiang. The situation is changing daily, but they report last week’s news as if it just happened.

Whatever, the supermarkets are full of water supplies, people have calmed down a lot and now seem more concerned with keeping warm than anything else.

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