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Water Crisis – Sunday 29 Update

Just after 6 pm today, the Liuzhou authorities sent out the following text message


Basically, it says that the cadmium level in the river at noon today was 0.0044 mg/l, so less than the permitted maximum of  <=0.005 mg/l and less than yesterday’s 0.0049, so falls in line with what they call “the national drinking water quality standards”.

Apart from that, I visited both of the largest city centre supermarkets this afternoon. They were both well stocked with bottled water and though a few people were buying silly amounts, everything was much calmer than a couple of days ago.

I was in a queue at the checkout (no, I didn’t have any water in my basket) and the man behind me had a trolley full of boxes of bottled water. He stank of baijiu and cigarettes, which will kill him long before the river does.

Then, China Daily contacted me to follow up on the Danwei piece I wrote. The reporter, Wang Qian was very pleasant and polite, but then I’m a sucker for a nice female voice over the phone. A bit of research reveals that she specialises in environmental issues.

Her main question was about how the water scare has impinged upon my life. My honest answer was “Hardly at all.  Except I get calls from China Daily reporters!”

Lastly, my Danwei piece has been translated to Chinese by Yeeyan, a Chinese website which translates English language articles and used to work closely with the Guardian before the the censors intervened.


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2 Responses to “Water Crisis – Sunday 29 Update”

  1. Matt Says:

    Ken, thanks for your leadership and unbiased reporting during the crisis that is plaguing our city.

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Thanks! I try to be unbiased sometimes, but you won’t find any leadership 🙂

    Don’t follow leaders
    Watch your parking meters

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