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Water Panic Continues

Water and toilet paper - sorted!

Well, they may or may not have been panic buying water on Tuesday or Wednesday as reported, but they certainly are now.

This morning I visited Nancheng supermarket under the square. It was completely out of bottled water. Lianhua Century Mart still had some , but it was being rapidly trundled out of the shop by people with Wahaha piled high in their trolleys (which they must be off).  My local corner shop version of Lianhua has none either.

“The water is still up to national standards and is safe for drinking,” said Gan Jinglin, the head of Liuzhou’s Environmental Bureau.

Liuzhou officials are still saying that, although traces of cadmium have been found in the river in Liuzhou, they are below danger levels and there is no danger from the local water supplies, but of course, no one believes them.

Anyway, I’m not worried. I never touch the stuff. I know what fish do in it. And fortunately, Liquan beer uses a different water source.


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