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Water Panic

Panic buying water - Liuzhou January 25th

Here’s an oddity.

China Daily is reporting that the good citizens of Liuzhou have been panic buying water. This follows reports that the cancer-causing heavy metal, cadmium has been discovered at dangerous levels in the reservoir at Lalang Hydroelectric Dam on the Longjiang River near Yizhou.

I’ve been in the supermarkets every day since this story broke and have seen no sign of panic buying anywhere. When they idiotically started panic buying salt back in March 2011, it was very obvious.

The Longjiang is a fairly minor tributary of Liuzhou’s Liujiang river and any contaminants will be diluted to safe levels before they reach the city. Still, I won’t be going swimming any time soon.

I am told that no cadmium has been detected in Liuzhou’s water supplies. Still I might panic buy some beer.


China Daily

People’s Daily Online

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2 Responses to “Water Panic”

  1. James Says:

    The story has made it to the BBC:

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Yes, and beyond.

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