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Liu Wa – Shock News

A disgraceful scandal has been uncovered.

柳娃 liǔ wá, the symbol / mascot of last year’s Liuzhou Horticultural Expo and later incongruously recycled to welcome in the Year of the Dragon, may not be all she appears. Is she a fake? A mere copy? Is she as innocent as she looks? Or has she been violated?

Liuzhou's Liu Wa

A reader sends me a picture taken a few weeks ago in  Chongqing. It is of a suspiciously familiar looking figure which is being used as the symbol / mascot of the Chongqing Horticultural Festival!

Chongqing's Mascot

What is going on?

Did Liuzhou copy from Chongqing? Did Chongqing copy from Liuzhou? Are there thousands of these creatures taking over? Are they breeding?

Enquiries should be made at the highest level.

(I do think Liuzhou’s version is prettier,though.)

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