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Water Crisis – Tuesday 31 January Update

The usual text messages sent out this morning showed no change to yesterday’s reported cadmium levels in Liuzhou tap water, which remain at 00060mg/l – well below the maximum safety level of  00060mg/l . In the meantime, it has been reported that “seven chemical plants executives who worked in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, including Jinchengjiang […]

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Water Crisis – Monday 30 January Update

This morning, the Liuzhou emergency information service sent their now at least daily text messages informing citizens that, at 7 am today,  the detected cadmium level of water entering Liuzhou West water processing plant was 0.0022mg/l and, after treatment, water is leaving the plant with a level of

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Water Crisis – Sunday 29 Update

Just after 6 pm today, the Liuzhou authorities sent out the following text message 最新水情:29日12:00时监测数据,柳江露塘断面处镉浓度为0.0044毫克每升, 柳江饮用水源水质符合国家标准(镉

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Water Crisis – Saturday 28 Update

Things seem calmer today. Following on from late last night’s cell phone message from Liuzhou government telling us not to worry, today they started sending out regular updates about cadmium levels in the river.  At 10 am this morning, according to their reports, the level was 0.005mg/l which is the maximum level considered safe. By […]

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Panic buying of water in Liuzhou – a report from the ground

My article on the river contamination and panic buying story has been published by Beijing based web magazine Danwei. You can read it here.

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Liuzhou Uses SMS to Calm Water Panic

At 23:36 on Friday 27th January 2012, Liuzhou officials sent this message to all cell phones in the city. 温馨提示:只要水龙头拧开出的水,必定是合标的安全用水,请大家放心使用 在控制供水之前24小时,将通过新闻媒体提醒您储存好备用水。【代柳州市应急指挥部信息发布组发】 To cut a long story short, and if I’ve got my translating hat on the right way round, it says something along the lines of: Don’t worry about your tap water. It’s safe. If […]

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Water Panic Continues

Well, they may or may not have been panic buying water on Tuesday or Wednesday as reported, but they certainly are now. This morning I visited Nancheng supermarket under the square. It was completely out of bottled water. Lianhua Century Mart still had some , but it was being rapidly trundled out of the shop […]

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Friday Food 11 – Pea Shoots

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week we continue looking at the greenery. These are pea shoots. Known as 豌豆苗 in Chinese, pea shoots are indeed the leaves of the young plants grown from your common peas. They can […]

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Water Panic

Here’s an oddity. China Daily is reporting that the good citizens of Liuzhou have been panic buying water. This follows reports that the cancer-causing heavy metal, cadmium has been discovered at dangerous levels in the reservoir at Lalang Hydroelectric Dam on the Longjiang River near Yizhou. I’ve been in the supermarkets every day since this […]

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Liu Wa – Shock News

A disgraceful scandal has been uncovered. 柳娃 liǔ wá, the symbol / mascot of last year’s Liuzhou Horticultural Expo and later incongruously recycled to welcome in the Year of the Dragon, may not be all she appears. Is she a fake? A mere copy? Is she as innocent as she looks? Or has she been […]

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