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Friday Food 4 – Yizhou Blood Sausage

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week things are getting bloody.

You are either going to be delighted or horrified by this one. I don’t know why, but the eating of blood is a divisive issue. No one seems to sit on the fence. Anyway, I’m decidedly off the fence and love the stuff. The few times I go back to England, my family know to get in stocks of black pudding for my breakfast fry up – for preferences the Scottish variety. But there is also the French variety, boudin, which is equally delicious. As are they all.

In China, I generally had to make do with the gelatinous pig’s blood which is usually used in soups or hotpots. And nothing wrong with that, either. It’s the first thing I dig out. And most markets sell chicken’s blood. But I still missed my black pudding.

Pig’s blood

That was until I discovered this one woman saviour. She appears in Liuzhou about this time of year selling Yizhou* specialities among which is her blood sausage (宜州血肠). You can find her and her stall on Goldfish Lane (金鱼巷 – at the northern end of the pedestrian street). She advertises a few Yizhou specialities but the central item in her repertoire is the blood sausage, still warm from the pig steamer. The sausage is just over an inch in diameter and she cuts off a length about eight inches long – no sniggering in class! – for which you are asked for a mere 2元.

Yizhou blood sausage seller

She turns up at her spot around 11:30 most days and sells to the lunchtime crowd, then hangs around most of the day. The white specks are mostly rice and the crumbly, bloody filling is exactly the texture of a good black pudding although the spicing is a bit different. They are hot and ready to eat and that is what most of the locals seem to do. I’ve eaten them this way, often. But I usually take them home, cut them into rounds and fry them just enough to colour them, then eat with my bacon and eggs of a morning. Or in a sandwich made with Maison Cherry’s fine bread. Bliss. I’ve also used them as jiaozi stuffing! And why not?

I have found the hard way that they don’t freeze well, in that the casing goes all weird and decidedly unappealing. If you want to freeze them I suggest you skin ’em first.

Yizhou blood sausage

She usually only hangs around till Spring Festival or until it gets really too cold, so if you are partial to a bit of blood, go search her out. Just leave plenty for me!

* Yizhou is a city a short distance to the west of Liuzhou. A very nice place with great Guangxi scenery but without Guilin/Yangshuo’s tourist trap, rip-off atmosphere. Apparently, they like a bit of blood there, too

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3 Responses to “Friday Food 4 – Yizhou Blood Sausage”

  1. Michael Says:

    Yeah… I am definitely on the other side of the fence on this one. I mean I will enjoy a rare steak… but this is a bit much for me. Enjoy!

  2. vera Says:

    i mistook it as duck’s blood.

  3. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Sadly, she hasn’t turned up this year!

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