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Liuzhou Boxer Shorts?

It’s astonishing the things that you come across. For some bizarre reason (or money), an American woman has designed a whole raft of Liuzhou merchandise for adoptive parents and families “with kids from this orphanage or home town in China, or for natives of this area”. Her company, Henimage offers similar articles for cities all […]

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Hello! Drink up!

Anyone who has been in China for more than five minutes will have come across the hello wallahs. These are people who yell “hello” at passing foreigners in some Pavlovian reaction. They are usually young and male, but not always. Notice I said ‘say “hello” at’ not “hello to”. The “hello” is usually followed by […]

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BWF World Superseries

Liuzhou’s latest international sports hosting will be the finals of the Badminton World Federation’s 2011 World Superseries in which the best eight men’s and women’s singles and doubles players, as well as mixed doubles players compete for a total prize money of half a million US dollars. The event will be held from the 14th […]

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Fool’s Paradise

There I was wandering around on a lovely afternoon, today. I had just picked up more than my fair share of Camembert cheese from the Camembert cheese shop and was absent-mindedly strolling in the general direction of home. I glanced over at where one of my favourite shops used to be until it was replaced […]

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