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Walmart to open! Somewhere else.

I’ve mentioned before that every time a new construction “development” begins, the locals dutifully inform me that it’s going to be a branch of Walmart. I’ve heard it about various buildings for years. The city centre building containing Pizza Hut was 100% definitely going to be a Walmart, as is the building being put up on the north side of the square. Except it isn’t.

Walmart announce any planned openings at least months, if not years in advance. There is no plan to open in Liuzhou.

Anyway, who cares? Some locals think it is the height of sophistication to have a Walmart. Some foreigners think it will be full of western goodies. They are both very wrong. Walmart doesn’t open stores in China to cater to the whims of a few transient foreigners. They open to get the cash out of the locals’ pockets.

Still, there must be some gnashing of teeth going on in the halls of government at the official announcement that Walmart is to open a new store in Guangxi. In Liuzhou’s poor neighbouring city, Laibin. The 16,000 square metre shop is expected to employ 500 people.

As usual, Walmart give plenty of notice – the place won’t open till December 2013.

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3 Responses to “Walmart to open! Somewhere else.”

  1. Fiona Says:

    December 2013?my god!so long long poor neighbouring city!!

  2. steve Says:

    Many folks in the states hate Walmart.
    When Walmart arrives in a new city its purpose is to drive out the local competition (mum and pop stores) and sell junk with the made in China label.
    Think of it this way – Tesco is to Britain what Walmart is to America – a plague on the landscape.

  3. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    ASDA would be a better comparison than Tesco – ASDA is WALMART!

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