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Standing room only

There is something I just don’t get about the locals. They are only allowed one kid, then they spoil, coddle and over-indulge the little brat. And, at the same time, show total disregard for the child’s safety. So many times, I have seen two parents on a motor cycle, wearing helmets, with their precious sat between them totally unprotected. Anything goes wrong, it’s the kid whose brains will be spread across the road.

So, sadly, it came as no surprise to read of the 21 kids who died in Gansu earlier in the week on a 9 seater minibus crammed with 64 people. Over crowding is simply a fact of life in an overcrowded country. In 2000, in Liuzhou, a no. 6 bus (maximum occupancy including standing passengers- 39) veered off the Hudong Bridge and all 78 passengers were killed. Of all the questions asked in the aftermath, no one questioned the overcrowding which almost certainly contributed to the accident. That and Chinese drivers’ habit of driving in neutral gear.

In the wake of the Gansu accident, the authorities have taken the classic “after the horses have bolted” approach and ordered the inspection of all school buses. At least, that is what they say. Most buses are unregistered. Most kindergartens are unregistered.

Liuzhou is no different. This “bus” (like most of the buses they are talking about, they aren’t buses at all, but converted minivans of Liuzhou’s Wuling type. Dangerous rust buckets.)

This one was discovered yesterday in Liuzhou. It only had 28 kids on board an 8 seater minibus. You can see the wooden benches which have been bolted to the floor. An accident waiting to happen.

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