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Friday Food 1 – Snake Skin Fruit

Friday food intends to be a weekly article about one of the more unusual food things to be found in Liuzhou that week. We start with snake skin fruit.

Snake fruit is native to Indonesia, especially Bali, where it is known as “salak”. The ones sold locally are imported from Thailand. The name (Chinese:蛇皮果 shé pí guǒ; literally: snake skin fruit) comes from the fruit skin’s alleged resemblance to the skin of snakes. Each fruit contains three segments similar to in appearance to large peeled garlic cloves, each of which contains a seed. The taste is sweet and a bit acidic. They are currently available in Nanchang Dept. Store (南城百货) (under Liuzhou Square) and in RT Mart (大润发) in the north of the city.

Around 20元 per 500g.

Enjoy. But be careful. The weigh station attendant who served me thought they were the ludicrously over ripe avocados they are trying to sell in Nanchang at silly prices and nearly seriously overcharged me.

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