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Automatic for the people

According to People’s Daily, so it must be true, Liuzhou is about to host the “first China-ASEAN Automobile, Engineering Machinery and Spare Parts Exposition” This will apparently be held in from the 8th to 10th of December “in the newly built International Exhibition Center in Liuzhou”. What they really mean is “in the not yet […]

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Pick a card

Not that long ago, in China, people were paid in cash – most people still are, if they get paid at all. I remember I had to carry the loot to the bank, spend half a day trying to deposit it, then at least two days trying to withdraw it again. Then they got ATMs […]

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Friday Food 2 – Lizard’s Tail

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. Our second outing concerns Lizard’s Tail. Lizard’s Tail is one name for this weird looking stuff that is often served at the beginning of banquets alongside the peanuts and sunflower seeds. You know; something […]

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Walmart to open! Somewhere else.

I’ve mentioned before that every time a new construction “development” begins, the locals dutifully inform me that it’s going to be a branch of Walmart. I’ve heard it about various buildings for years. The city centre building containing Pizza Hut was 100% definitely going to be a Walmart, as is the building being put up […]

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Chinese ingredients

I’m not sure how useful it is, but I’ve added a Chinese ingredients list to the main website. It lists some of the more common ingredients in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Pinyin and Cantonese. I plan adding pictures of each ingredient over the next week or so. As ever, all comments, suggestions and corrections […]

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Friday Food 1 – Snake Skin Fruit

Friday food intends to be a weekly article about one of the more unusual food things to be found in Liuzhou that week. We start with snake skin fruit. Snake fruit is native to Indonesia, especially Bali, where it is known as “salak”. The ones sold locally are imported from Thailand. The name (Chinese:蛇皮果 shé […]

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Standing room only

There is something I just don’t get about the locals. They are only allowed one kid, then they spoil, coddle and over-indulge the little brat. And, at the same time, show total disregard for the child’s safety. So many times, I have seen two parents on a motor cycle, wearing helmets, with their precious sat […]

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Fake money

Guangxi authorities have issued a warning about fake 100 yuan bills being circulated. These are particularly high quality – complete with watermarks, wire strips etc. The give away is the serial numbers. The fake bills are numbered LN37638309, LN37638313 and LN37638302. So, check those numbers. Also be sure when you hand a 100 yuan bill […]

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Retarded photographers and the recession

Several years ago, the open air night snack market which was just to the west of the northern end of the No. 1 bridge (Liujiang Daqiao) was closed down by the self appointed guardians of our morality and hygiene who much prefer cleaning up popular eating venues than than cleaning up their own filth. The […]

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Censored coconut

Just to let you see how little I have to worry about, here is a little mystery which popped up today. The cans pictured (actually it’s the same can photographed on different sides) contain, as you can see, coconut juice – a very popular drink round these parts and one in which I occasionally indulge, […]

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