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Travel On

It is amazing the lengths Liuzhou’s authorities will  go to, just to fulfil their dream of turning the place into a tourist heaven. Here is a picture of them ensuring no one escapes from the tour buses as they set off for another exciting “scenic spot”.

No one move!

As is usual with Asian tour groups, the tourists are decked out in matching uniforms so that they know which group they belong to. Unfortunately, as with all travel in the 21st century, there are the usual necessary security checks. The people crouching on the right are obviously worn out by all the tourist riches Liuzhou has to offer and are having a rest.

Any explosives in your shoes ma'am?

Unusually, the male tourists seem to favour a different dress style from the women, but are grateful for the attentive security people ensuring their safety while travelling. 

Safety first

You may be surprised by the shyness of these tourists who have had their faces pixelated on the holiday snaps, but it is well known that Chinese people hate having their pictures taken when travelling.

In fact, these tourists are enjoying a rare opportunity to leave their homes. They are reluctant guests at Liuzhou No. 1 Detention Centre which has just moved to new premises in the south of the city. Guarded by 1,000 cops, the 550 inmates were bused in the early hours of Monday morning (19th Sept) to their new home.

Here they are arriving at their new residence.

Home, sweet home

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