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Japanese Invasion of Liuzhou on film

I have come across some film of Liuzhou from 1944-1945, showing the evacuation of the city as the Japanese army approached, then some footage of the Chinese army having retaken the city some months later. Unfortunately, these videos are protected, so I have been unable to steal them as I normally would. Here are links to some of them. Click on the pictures. (Note the films all use the old Wade-Giles romanisation – Liuchow).

Chinese refugees and troops travel on roads from Liuchow in China - 1944

Army Personnel and Chinese Army retreat due to Japanese invasion - August 20, 1944

Buildings are burned, fields are destroyed and Chinese refugees in China - 1944

Liuchow recaptured from the Japanese forces, and Chinese 169th Division troops in flag raising ceremony in Liuchow, China - June 13, 1945

I have more on the Japanese invasion (with many pictures) here and here.

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