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Popeye’s China Nightmare

oilIt seems they are trying to kill us off again. Not content with mowing us down on the sidewalks with their murderous e-bikes, they are also trying to poison us. Just last week, it was reported that Liuzhou cops had arrested a number of people who were running an illegal cooking oil “reprocessing” plant”.

They were collecting used oil from various Liuzhou hotels, including the government owned, 5-star Liuzhou Hotel (柳州饭店) and restaurants, supposedly for safe and clean disposal. Instead they were filtering the oil for resale.

Now comes the news, via the BBC, that the vegetables in the local supermarket may be contaminated with banned pesticides. Traces of the banned pesticides have been found  by Greenpeace in the vegetables sold by three supermarket chains in China. These are the UK-based Tesco, Thailand’s Lotus group and China’s Lianhua chain. The last has several branches throughout Liuzhou.

Greenpeace says the pesticides included chemicals that are classed as highly hazardous by the World Health Organization (WHO), and could affect unborn children or male fertility.

Lianhua Supermarket, Liuzhou

The banned organophosphates were found on spinach, which just happens to be my favourite green vegetable and loads of which I ate over the spring and summer. It is no longer in season.

It should be noted that there is no specific claim that the banned substances were found in Liuzhou’s Lianhua branches, but…

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