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Ad of the week

Tomorrow (Saturday) sees the start of Liuzhou’s “International Water Carnival”. Tickets are, as I predicted, impossible to obtain, but due to the practice of the dark arts, I will be reporting on the activities. In a masterpiece example of why political dipsticks and committees will never be able to organise anything like the Rio or […]

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Yesterday was election day! Didn’t you notice the lines of people queueing up to fulfil China’s promise of democracy? Well, perhaps something was lost in translation. Today the party leaders voted for the party leaders. Your average person in the street probably didn’t know it was happening because our beloved party leaders save them the […]

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New Home

Welcome to the relocated Liuzhou Laowai blog. Old readers will know that this blog spent seven years on Blog-City. That hosting company plan to terminate their blog service in December 2011, so here we are at a new home. Almost 900 entries on the old site have been checked and transferred. Where pictures were lost, […]

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Win Lug

As any marketing wallah will tell you, brand names are valuable pieces of corporate identity. Keeping your brand in the public eye is a necessary way of keeping ahead of the competition. Of course it really helps if you stick the letters on in the correct order! I’ve seen a few of these anagrams running […]

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The Mystic Garden

Not content with their upcoming Horticultural Festival (scheduled for National Day Week, but I’m told running behind schedule), Liuzhou government has announced that a China-ASEAN* culture garden is to be built in the city. It will be located in Sanmenjiang National Forest Park which is in the far north east of Liuzhou. The plans include […]

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Travel On

It is amazing the lengths Liuzhou’s authorities will  go to, just to fulfil their dream of turning the place into a tourist heaven. Here is a picture of them ensuring no one escapes from the tour buses as they set off for another exciting “scenic spot”. As is usual with Asian tour groups, the tourists […]

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Bell Saga Continues

Way back in April 2010, I reported that Liuzhou was to be the proud possessor of the world’s largest Buddhist bell. The 6.06 metres wide , 9 metres high, tin-bronze bell, which weighs 109 metric tons, has been built in Wuhan in Hubei province by Wuhan Heavy Industry Casting & Forging Co., Ltd. In June of the […]

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Japanese Invasion of Liuzhou on film

I have come across some film of Liuzhou from 1944-1945, showing the evacuation of the city as the Japanese army approached, then some footage of the Chinese army having retaken the city some months later. Unfortunately, these videos are protected, so I have been unable to steal them as I normally would. Here are links […]

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Slow Down

I spent most of yesterday evening and a lot of today yelling at inanimate objects. Those of the supposedly high-tech variety. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me. For reasons which I haven’t yet fathomed, the internet here in Liuzhou has ground to a near halt. It took me until half past forever to open MSN […]

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The ever entertaining and informative website, “How to be a Retronaut” has alerted me to a collection of pictures from New York Public Library which they mistakenly believe to be a series of illustrations from around 1804 showing old Chinese punishment methods. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact they are illustrative of […]

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