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Red Light Area

In a shock move, Liuzhou Traffic Police have launched a ridiculous campaign suggesting that automobile drivers should stop at red lights! It’ll never catch on!

Fortunately, the campaign will only last until China’s National Day (October 1st), after which we can revert to our usual habits.

The campaign began in great style, with the cops handing out notices to pedestrians advising them to look out for red light violators.  As you can see, the women is highly amused by the whole concept.

In fact, they are only advising pedestrians not to cross the road against the “red man” lights. No action was taken against drivers jumping red lights – the national sport.

Red Light Area

(During the Cultural Revolution, it was suggested that the two cars China had at the time should stop on green and go on red. Even Mao vetoed that one. Unfortunately, the news never reached Liuzhou.)

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