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Boiled Fish

I like a bit of fish now and again. Fried, steamed, baked, roasted, grilled – even raw – I don't mind. But boiled? Doesn't sound very appealing. Though a decent bouillabaisse is good, that is more of a stew then a boil. I was brought up within sight of the sea and so saltwater fish […]

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Liuzhou’s China Daily Fail

For reasons only known to themselves, China Daily has decided to open a special, English language, Liuzhou section on its website. This features sub-sections on Liuzhou news, Liuzhou and ASEAN, investment, interviews, culture, travel, photos and specials. I would love to tell you what ‘specials’ are but the link only goes to a headline about […]

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Random Photograph No. 43 – Satisfied

Random Photograph No. 43 Photographs taken in Liuzhou which amuse, perplex or fascinate me.  

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Forever Young

Bama Yao Autonomous County (巴马瑶族自治县) is 216 km (134 miles) west of Liuzhou, in a mountainous area of Guangxi. It is known for its remarkably high number of centenarians. A 2000 census discovered 74 people aged over 100 among its population of 238,000 and also a high number of people in their 90s. The longevity […]

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The Spanish Guilin Scam

The latest variation on the so-called “Nigerian Scam” seems to be getting closer to home. An email is being sent to Laowai in China claiming to be from a Spanish male who is a teacher in Guilin. While on a trip back home he lost all his money and needs people in China to send […]

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Badminton World Finals in Liuzhou

Not content with hosting various world champion water sports events, Liuzhou is now taking on a dry sport! One local people have actually played! From the 14 to 18 December 2011, we will be treated to the badminton “World Superseries” finals. Organised by the Badminton World Federation, the event is sponsored by healthcare product company […]

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Flagging Fashion

Here’s a little game for you. Can you spot the similarity in all these pictures? Yes. Well spotted! For some reason, everyone is wearing clothing decorated with the British flag. I have no idea why. All these pictures were taken over the weekend in a very small area. There were many more. The only non-British […]

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Ramen Relevations

When a scandal hits your company and you are found to have been somewhat economical with the truth in your claims, what better way of trying to get over it than by opening a branch in Liuzhou! Liuzhou has more than its fair share of Japanese eateries (I knew of four and wouldn’t be surprised […]

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Outage Outrage

Liuzhou’s (Guangxi’s) power shortages continue. The dry weather has meant that hydro-electric power, on which we rely, is seriously limited and fossil fuels are also in short supply. To combat the shortages various measures have been put into place. Factories are on short time working; shops are closing earlier in the evenings and restricting advertising […]

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Premature Ejaculation

There I was trying to think what to eat for dinner tonight and coming up blank. More out of desperation than hope I found myself searching the Internet for Liuzhou restaurants. Most of the results I had written myself; some were for places which closed years ago; and others were for places which I wouldn’t […]

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