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fine at the end of the line

Every now and again, when the banquet funds run low, Liuzhou traffic cops raise some cash by doing the unimaginable – their job! They drag themselves out and nab unsuspecting motorists who sensibly think they can do what they like. Traffic laws are for the other people. Clearly if you can afford a motor vehicle, […]

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For Whom the Toll Bells

I suggested this as a money making idea several years ago! A villager in Liuzhou’s Liujiang County has opened a private toll road which allows drivers to avoid the official toll. The 5 meter wide, 20 meter long toll cuts across his land bypassing the real toll. Qin Fugui mans the toll with his cousin […]

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Your money or your life!

The one sight that constantly reminds me that the whole idea of Chinese socialism is a complete lie is the local hospital. Before being seen at all, the patient or the patient’s family have to come up with some cash. Each stage of the diagnosis requires a trip to the cashiers – need an X-Ray? […]

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Job Share Cops

Things have been quite quiet around this blog lately. This is because: a) It’s been raining for weeks and I haven’t been out. b) Even if I had gone out, I would have found nothing of interest. 100% of human endeavour for the past month has been aimed at celebrating the 90th anniversary of the […]

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Brightness Teeth

This morning, for no particular reason, I found myself wandering down one of my favourite Liuzhou streets. I call it ‘fake street’ but I do know its real name, 光明路, an ironic choice for a street which is anything but ‘openhearted’ or ‘guileless’, two possible translations. The street runs between Pingshan Avenue 屏山大道 and Jiahe Road […]

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