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See me! Feel me! Touch me! Heal me!

I know this is not of Liuzhou origin, but it was in Liuzhou that I came across it, so…

Bad advertising taste of the week/month/year so far award goes to:

Helen Keller Sunglasses

As available in an optometrist’s shop near you. (Well, near me, actually.) If you don’t know who Helen Keller is/was, then

a) you are not Chinese.

b) Try here.

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One Response to “See me! Feel me! Touch me! Heal me!”

  1. 8 Unlikely Chinese Celebrity Brand Ambassadors | Rewarding Says:

    […] If a sunglasses firm can use Helen Keller‘s name to market eyewear, would a realtor marketing “Anne Frank Lofts” be acceptable too? We bet neither of them saw that coming. Lest anyone think the association is accidental (as opposed to occidental?), the Helen Keller eyewear website features images of Keller… none show her modeling sunglasses, though. (Chinese celebrity advertising image via Liuzhou Laowai) […]

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