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SE Asian adventure

Following our miserable lunch in Pizza Hell, we decided to give Europe a miss for our evening meal. Instead we headed to SE Asia and a restaurant called 菲越星马泰餐厅 which roughly means “Philippine, Vietnamese, Singapore, Malaysian Thai restaurant”

Everywhere Restaurant

This is a chain place which has branches in Guangzhou and probably elsewhere. And its menu does indeed feature dishes from the said countries. We largely went for Thai, but also had a couple of non -Thai dishes. Here goes.

We started in good style with a perfect dish of “Mussels in Tom Yam Soup“. I was immediately transported back to Thailand, as was my companion who has never been to Thailand! The mussels were large and perfectly cooked and the soup was spiced just right.

Mussels in Tom Yam Soup

Next up was a crispy, fresh  “Green Papaya Salad“. Again it was a real taste of Thailand.

Green Papaya Salad

Around the same time, our next dish turned up – “Thai Red Curry Chicken“. This was the one true disappointment of the meal. The flavours were totally unbalanced and overwhelmed by the taste of coriander leaf. Also, it was seriously under-spiced. I’ve had more than my fair share of Thai red curries and know they ain’t supposed to taste like this. After a couple of mouthfuls, we gave up.

Thai red curry chicken - not nice!

That disappointment was soon forgotten when our next dish, a venture into Malaysian territory, turned up. A simple plate of “Assorted Satay“. Beef, pork, chicken, prawns with three dips. They were seriously good – so much so that we toyed with the idea of ordering a second serving, but then our next dish arrived.

Satay Assortment

Pomfret on the menuLast up was a whole “smoked pomfret” which the menu promised was to be served on a banana leaf. Ours arrived minus the banana leaf. This isn’t just a matter of screwed up presentation. The banana leaf should add flavour to the fish, too. A silly careless error.

I had been looking forward to this in particular as it was the first dish I ever ate in Thailand – on a roadside stall in Bangkok many years ago. It was a dish I never forgot.

The banana-less fish was delicious even without its banana leaf. The picture of our dish is after the waitress had removed the skin, which she didn’t recommend we eat’. The fish was meaty, smoky and perfectly cooked. Between the two of us we demolished it and left only a heap of bones.

Pomfret minus banana leaf

All in all, the meal was good (with reservations), the restaurant was tastefully decorated and the staff efficient (although we had to remind them to bring the rice which happens in every restaurant I go to!. I would recommend it, but not the red curry.

They have a website here (Chinese only). The address is: 青秀区凤翔路6号 “蓝山上城” 西区商铺D1-1段. Tel No: 0771 5558439

After dinner, we decided to continue in this theme and headed to a late night Vietnamese café where we had hot drinks (I had a grapefruit tea, my friend had coffee) and snacks. The snacks consisted of “Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Nem rán)” and “Bánh mì  pâté “, bread rolls with pâté which I ate too quickly to photograph. Fortunately, my companion was more restrained and has supplied a picture.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Banh Mi Bate

to be continued… 

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