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become fanny seemingly

I am delighted, if somewhat astonished to learn that Liuzhou Government’s website has won 3rd prize for its Chinglish English section. In celebration, they have gaily decorated the site with this utterly meaningless banner. If Liuzhou won 3rd prize, I really want to look at the competition. It would be a major, verging on the […]

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Healthy Banquet 2½ – The Video

On Friday (27th May 2011), one of the biggest gatherings of foreigners I remember in Liuzhou* took place in the restaurant in Longtan Park. The event was hosted by Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office and Liuzhou Workers’ Hospital. Of course, there is no such thing as a free meal and we had to pay by listening […]

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Old Friends and Ubud

Following on from the French Fiasco and the SE Asian Adventure, Sunday was to be my last full day in Nanning for this trip and I had a breakfast plan. 老友粉 (literally Old Friend Rice Noodles) is Nanning’s signature noodle dish. It is sold all over the city in varying quality. I was determined to taste an […]

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SE Asian adventure

Following our miserable lunch in Pizza Hell, we decided to give Europe a miss for our evening meal. Instead we headed to SE Asia and a restaurant called 菲越星马泰餐厅 which roughly means “Philippine, Vietnamese, Singapore, Malaysian Thai restaurant” This is a chain place which has branches in Guangzhou and probably elsewhere. And its menu does indeed […]

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Pizza Hell

Last weekend, I took myself off to the local provincial capital, Nanning for a long weekend. The main purpose of the visit was to see an old and dear friend and to eat. For months said friend and I have been discussing the general lack of choice round Liuzhou. It’s either Chinese or Chinese. Not […]

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Healthy Banquet

I’m often asked by new arrivals about the chances of meeting up with Liuzhou’s expatriate community for a get-together. In truth, it seldom happens. Disparate life styles, the transitory nature of people’s stays, different working hours etc all militate against regular get-togethers. Even more significant is the lack of any decent venue. The only times it […]

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Dropping Guard

Short of cash? Extravagent lifestyle to support? Just plain greedy? One way to get rich quick is bank robbery. And we are here to help you out. If you have been in China, you will have seen armoured cars picking up the days takings. These are always accompanied by armed guards. Well, guards carrying guns. It […]

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Internet Interrupted

Liuzhou’s usually poor Internet service has been abysmal for the last two days. It died at 12:40 on Friday afternoon and wasn’t restored until around 16:30. All Friday evening, it was very unreliable, dropping out at frequent intervals. Then around midnight, all was well until 10:30 Saturday morning when it died again. This smacks of deliberate […]

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High in the High Rises

Only a few days ago, I was asked if there were any open air bars on top of Liuzhou’s many high rise buildings. I replied that it was an excellent and very sensible idea, so there are none (unless you know different). Now I have discovered the real reason. The roof tops have a much […]

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Wuling Wipeout

In an article titled “Inside GM’s China Minivan Factory”, the Wall Street Journal have kindly posted a video in which Liuzhou based “SAIC-GM Wuling executive Scott Tien introduces WSJ's Norihiko Shirouzu to the little truck that's come to dominate the country's rural roadways.” Unfortunately, much like many of the horrible little death traps the company […]

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