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Fake False Teeth

Following on from the sad decline in Liuzhou’s toothpaste industry, as outlined in my last post, and as further evidence that there is little if anything that can’t be faked in China, comes the sorry news that even the toothless are not safe. It appears that the local Food and Drug Administration have discovered and closed down […]

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  One of Liuzhou’s largest companies is Liuzhou Liangmenzhen who make various personal hygiene products but are best known in China for their range of toothpastes (many of which contain sugar). It now appears that the company is in trouble and I am delighted. They have reported a 35% decline in profits for 2010 since […]

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An Illustrated English Country Garden?

It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but Liuzhou is to hold the “1st Guangxi International Garden and Horticulture Expo” in September 2011. Full details such as dates and venue have not been mentioned. A feature of the expo will be 20 representative gardens from different nations. Most of these are being designed by Liuzhou Chinese. In […]

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It is not often that Liuzhou turns up in the Wall Street Journal, but in yesterday's edition (6th April 2011), Liuzhou showed up in their Photo of the Day feature. Seems they dug up an exploded bomb again. Liuzhou was heavily bombed in WWII, first by the Japanese who eventually occupied the city, then later by both […]

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Quaking Frogs

Now that the locals have recovered from their insane salt buying, they have now taken up a new form of panicking. They have recently discovered a lot of what they took to be adult frogs carrying young frogs on their backs. “This is obviously a sign that an earthquake is coming,” they deduced. “The frogs […]

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Synchronised Signalling

Overjoyed by their success in getting the populace drunk to teach them the dangers of drinking, the local traffic cops have taken to holding ‘traffic control performances” in the local parks, safely away from anything so dangerous as  – traffic. You’ve got to feel sorry for them. There they were thinking they had it made for life. […]

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