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Bread Rip Off

One of life’s little pleasures in Liuzhou is the availability of a variety of real unsweetened breads, rather than the sponge cake called bread, which is all that is on offer in 99.99% of Chinese bakeries. One of life’s most infuriating things in Liuzhou is the shop which sells the bread. Last weekend, they upped the […]

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No Fishing!

Fancy doing a bit of fishing anytime soon? Well forget it. China's Ministry of Agriculture has imposed a two month ban on fishing in the Pearl River or any of its tributaries or connected lakes. The ban takes effect for the months of April and May. The Liujiang, the river running through the heart of Liuzhou […]

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Bus Bunkum

I am not a cynical type of person. Well, yes I am. So I don't believe a word of what I have just read. According to local news sources, at 5 pm yesterday, a Liuzhou No. 57 bus spontaneously ignited. That wouldn't surprise me. The report continues by informing me that, due to the prompt […]

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Free Beer!

You couldn’t make this up. At the weekend, Liuzhou traffic police decided to educate the public about the dangers of drink driving. They did this by handing out free beer, white (rice) wine and red (grape) wine to the public. They even threw in a few peanuts and melon seeds. Once the members of the public […]

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Tears of Salt

Following on from the 'it would be funny, if it weren't so sad' tale of the idiotic panic buying of table salt (see last post), Liuzhou media are now reporting that the wave of panic has subsided and that supermarkets etc are adequately stocked with salt. Certainly, I have seen it over the last few […]

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Salt in the Wound

With Japan seemingly heading towards a literal meltdown, the good old Chinese population are reaching for their wallets and seeking to protect themselves from some imagined radiation threat by panic buying… Iodine tablets? No. Fallout shelters? No. Table salt. Yes, you read that correctly. Table salt. All across China people have been buying it like it's going […]

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New Sounds of China

I know there are a few people out there who are interested in contemporary Chinese music, so I feel duty bound to point them to the website of London Chinese Radio (London Huayu) and their series of podcasts entitled “New Sounds of China”. There is also a podcast on “A History of Chinese Rock: Post-Punk, Post-Politics […]

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Dylan Delusions

I am delighted to report that my cynicism  was unfounded. As of today (March 13th 2011), Dylan's official website is confirming the dates. April 6th – Beijing Workers' Gymnasium April 8th – Shanghai Grand Stage No ticket details have yet been posted but the widely reported “fact” that the most expensive tickets for these concerts will […]

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From Libya to Liuzhou

The local newspapers are happily reporting the return of 16 Liuzhou construction workers who arrived home yesterday after being evacuated from Libya. The men were greeted by their families at Liuzhou Railway station after flying via Dubai to Shanghai, where they took the train to Liuzhou. Of course, they were not only met by their families. […]

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