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Zhuang Rocks!

Thanks to reader, Frank, who commented on my earlier post about Zhuang Exams, here is a video of a rock song sung in the Southern Zhuang language. The song is subtitled in both Zhuang and Chinese, but not English. They are singing about getting drunk!

The music is that of a popular Chinese rock song which was used as the theme song to the Taiwan movie, 搭错车, but the words are totally different. This version is sung by 陆正信 and 陆然 from Nanning.

Again thanks to Frank, here is a translation of the lyrics.

Today my old friend is coming to see me, but I have nothing to serve at the table since no coin in the pocket, no chicken in the cage and no pig in the pig house.

My father fried several soy beans and my mother prepared several pickles salted vegetables. I had to sell all empty bottles and get some money to buy the wine.

My dear friend, I am poor but our friendship is always there. Let’s say nothing but drink.

In straw shoes I walked ten kilometres at nights to chase the girl Ar Da in the neighbouring village. I remember we used to sit under the bamboo and have so many romantic talks together but finally she married another man.

My straw shoes are torn and my love is gone. Now my parents have become old and hunchbacked, and I am still single! Oh, love, love, where is my love.

So don’t mention this again and let’s gwn laeuj *. Let’s drink to the bottom and sell the bottles and buy more. Drink to the bottom and sell the bottle. Let’s gwn laeuj , Let’s gwn laeuj.

*”Gwn laeuj!” is the Zhuang equivalent of the Mandarin, 喝酒 meaning “Drink up!”; (literally  “drink alcohol”.)

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