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Long Tall Sally

Not half an hour after posting about the fake trees decorating Liuzhou’s main pedestrian street, I had cause to go back there and, to my astonishment I met this beauty, only a few yards from the aforementioned artificial arboretum. She is around 5.5 metres tall.


She is less permanent than some of the other artificial denizens of the street and in fact is standing there to promote some sort of Valentine’s Day bash in notorious Soho Bar just behind her. There was no accompanying text, so that is a guess.

I think, and I could be wrong, that she is meant to represent the ideal date on this romantic occasion. I have been told a million times that, in China, tall equals beautiful. I have had pockmarked, cross-eyed, buck-teethed people described as beautiful just because they were tall. (Don’t exaggerate – ed). Television presenters must be tall and it is far from uncommon for job vacancy ads to stipulate a minimum height, whether or not height has any real bearing on the job. Shop assistants, grave diggers, teachers, circus dwarves all must be tall!

(As a by the way, one friend, a teacher in a private school, told me today that her boss requires her to wear lens-less spectacle frames, as it makes her look ‘more like a teacher’. This is the Chinese way of improving the education system. Make sure the teachers are tall and look like teachers!)

Anyway, whether your date is tall, short, round or square, enjoy the night, which is also the anniversary of my first arriving in China back when Deng Xiao Ping was still a lad!

Long Tall Sally 2

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