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Zhuang Rocks!

Thanks to reader, Frank, who commented on my earlier post about Zhuang Exams, here is a video of a rock song sung in the Southern Zhuang language. The song is subtitled in both Zhuang and Chinese, but not English. They are singing about getting drunk! The music is that of a popular Chinese rock song which was used […]

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Hole of Death

Over the years, I've poked fun at Liuzhou residents' astonishing ability to fall into holes. In all of the examples I've come across, the people (and water buffalo) involved have ben rescued with little more than their dignity having been seriously injured. Until now. It was reported yesterday that two cleaners were working on a […]

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I’m a bureau chief!

There is hardly a day goes by without some jackass communist party leader (or his son) applying a bit of practical Marxism and equal opportunities by beating the crap out of some powerless prole, while yelling “I'm an important official! I can do what I like!” Yesterday, it was Liuzhou's turn to display theirs.   Zhou Yongshen, […]

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Zhuang Exams

Odd story in the online version of People's Daily today. According to the article, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission (SEAC) plans to introduce an exam in the Zhuang language in order to “to promote the use of the tongue, which, unlike many languages belonging to ethnic groups, is still in wide currency.” “Some 17 million Zhuang live […]

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Long Tall Sally

Not half an hour after posting about the fake trees decorating Liuzhou’s main pedestrian street, I had cause to go back there and, to my astonishment I met this beauty, only a few yards from the aforementioned artificial arboretum. She is around 5.5 metres tall.   She is less permanent than some of the other artificial denizens […]

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Paving Paradise

For me, one of the more attractive things about Liuzhou is that, although it is essentially an industrial city, they do make an effort to keep at least the city centre attractive, with lots of floral displays, trees and green areas. A small of army of people are employed, constantly restocking flowerbeds and lamp posts […]

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Fusion Confusion

  The food wasn't fusion – the restaurant was. For me, one of the highlights of the Spring Festival so far was last night's dinner. Largely because of the company, but also to an extent because of the eating experience. An old and dear friend was visiting Liuzhou and, as we had long planned, we set […]

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Habby Rabbit 兔 All

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Breaking News – Confirmed Dylan China Dates?

According to the usually reliable Isis Magazine, the following dates have been confirmed for Bob Dylan's East Asian tour in April 2011. Sunday April 3 – Nang Gang Exhibition Hall (Venue MIGHT change), Taipei, Taiwan Wednesday April 6 – Workers Gymnasium, Beijing, China Friday April 8 – Grand Stage, Shanghai, China Sunday April 10 – Loretta […]

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