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I’m only posting this to cheer myself up. Yesterday, in preparation for stocking up for the upcoming Chinese New Year (next week), I had a bit of a clear out of the freezer. You know the drill. Unidentified frying objects, bags of leftover something or other, life forms which Darwin knew nothing about. They are […]

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For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

or weeks now, I haven’t moved. I just sit at home waiting for the thaw. I’ve experienced colder winters here in Liuzhou in the past, but I don’t remember one this sustained. But last night, I dressed up like Nanook of the North and headed out. The reason why is a bit long winded. 2011 […]

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Confucius Says

The Chinese Communist Party are attempting to restore traditional values in schoolchildren by reviving the man they once reviled. Kong Zi (孔子), known in the west as Confucius, died in 479 BC but has been brought back to life. Back in September last year, Liuzhou opened what is the largest Confucian temple in South China, only […]

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Liuzhou, December 1945

It often surprises methat local people, especially young people, know so little about the city they live in. It seems to me that they spend so much time in school studying a nationally set syllabus to pass the nationally set exams that there is no time for anything local. Mao Zedong theory and other similar […]

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Blast 2011

Just over a year from their last, failed, attempt at demolishing a building by using explosives, the locals have plucked up the nerve to have another go. Back in December 2009, they tried to demolish an apartment block, but failed. The story was featured in newspapers all over the world. Major embarrassment. On Friday at […]

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General Monotony

It’s yesterday once more. It seems to me that I’ve been reading this story about once a month for several years. However, it never actually happens. “GM increases its stake in SAIC-GM-Wuling“ The SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture is Liuzhou’s largest joint venture, but far from Liuzhou’s biggest company. It is 50.1% owned by SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry […]

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Lower than Low

I realise I'm setting myself up for a shooting down here. This blog and my website, I'm sure, are full of mistakes. But then it's only me. But, I guess Yahoo is not one person. It astonishes me that people who produce websites apparently don't read them. What else can explain this nonsense? Yahoo's weather […]

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Disconnection Blues

About 2.30 pm there was a bit of a commotion in the stairwell. I ignored it as usual. There are always people yelling and banging. Then my internet connection died. Along with the landline phone which I never use. So, I wander out in the vague hope of an explanation. Sure enough, there are a […]

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Death Showers

The local emergency services have reported that, in the 24 hour period between 8 am on the 12th to the same time on the 13th of this month, there were 162 emergency calls for ambulances. Alongside the usual accidents and sickness, the cold weather has led to an increase in thenumber of elderly people with […]

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Fire and Water

It’s been a bit quiet round here. In the sense of not much happening. It’s never quiet in the sense of no noise. The last three to four weeks has seen utterly miserable weather – the worst being on Tuesday this week. So, apart from brief raids on the supermarket for essential sustenance, I have been […]

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