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The End of An Ear

I took a stroll downtown this morning. Teams of people were attaching red paper balls to all the trees and there was an army of people hosing down and scrubbing the pedestrian street – presumably in preparation for 2011. New Year's Day is celebrated in China and Monday will be a public holiday, although the […]

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Chairman Gove

The British coalition government’s Education Secretary, Michael Gove has demonstrated his grasp on world affairs and Chinese history by suggesting that “Like Chairman Mao, we’ve embarked on a Long March to reform our education system.” Perhaps the cretin really doesn’t know that Mao’s policies closed down China’s education system for ten years and that many teachers […]

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Liuzhou Drivers Screwed

It may seem that China is pretty lawless. Whether we are talking about the human rights abuses or the chaos on the roads. But the fact is that China has all the relevant laws and regulations that most countries have. There is a constitution which among many other provisions, assures us that the people”of the […]

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Only a Hobo

As we shiver our way through this early winter chill, it is sobering to remember the many homeless across China. It has been reported that the body of a ‘tramp’ has been found under the road overpass on Fei’E Road in Liuzhou. Apparently, the unnamed man, aged between 40 and 50, had beeen living there, […]

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Pressure Drop

Wherever I've been the world, and I have been fortunate enough to have been a few places, there is one thing I always do. Whether it is a full scale expat move or just a brief visit, I like to get hold of the local newspapers. When I lived in London, I'd buy the local […]

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There’s no point in asking / You’ll get no reply

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A Towelling Down

It's all go down here in Liuzhou. The locals cops were surprised last week when some 29 year old man by thename of Yeturned up at the cop shop wearing nothing more than a bath towel. It seems he had had a bit of a disagreement with his girlfriend and tried to end their relationship. […]

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Random Photograph No. 41 – Baby

Car Sticker on sale in Liuzhou Supermarket. December 2010

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