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Two Timing Snake

I have mentioned before China's astonishing ability to hold two opposing ideas simultaneously, as have many others. We are “marching towards socialism” while rapidly running in the opposite direction, for example. Almost everything you can say about the place you can also say the opposite and find both are true. We are constantly told that […]

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Beep beep’m beep beep yeah

As if it wasn't chaotic enough around here already… With the thousands of new motorists, who can't drive to save their lives, racing around with no regard to laws or even common sense and the idiots on e-bikes who charge up the sidewalks at night with no lights, no helmets and no brains while chatting on their cell […]

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Train Derailed in Liuzhou (again)

It has been reported that one coach of a passenger train has been derailed in Liuzhou early this morning. The fifth coach of the K157 passenger train from Beijing to Zhanjiang in Guangdong Province was derailed at Liuzhou South Station at about 3 a.m. No casualties have been reported so far and all passengers have […]

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Night Markets U-Turn

Good news – of sorts. Seven years ago, Liuzhou government took the highly unpopular decision to close down the city's street markets in order to “make the city more beautiful”. I am now informed that they have made a U-turn and are authorising the setting up of seven night markets across the city. These will […]

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Aung San Suu Kyi ‘released’ again!

This picture shows Aung San Suu Kyi at a press conference when she was 'released' in 2002. Just before she was re-arrested. Is there any possibility that the dogshit who run her country are now releasing her for anything other than a cynical bid for legitimacy? Nope! And well done China's government for praising Burma's junta's transparently fake […]

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Random Picture No 40 – Dream Dynamic Breast


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A Lonely Boy – Freak Show

Sadly, but predictably, the story of A Long is turning into some kind of freak show. Over the weekend, hundreds of people turned up in his village, not to donate, but just to look at him and have their photograph taken with him. What is wrong with these idiots? Are their lives really so empty? The […]

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A Lonely Boy – part two

The publicity surrounding A Long, the 6 year boy living alone with HIV in Liuzhou (see last post) has received huge attention, both locally and beyond. Scores have people have been turning up at his village to make donations. Thankfully, less food and more practical things like cooking equipment – although I’m not sure that a […]

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A lonely boy – the village life of an AIDS orphan

It is easy to forget, but a mere 3 km from Liuzhou’s prosperous city centre and its neon lights, lies a very different world. One of abject poverty and, in some cases, misery. The newspapers have, for the last two days, been reporting on one particular villager and his lonely life. What is especially remarkable about […]

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