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Random Picture No. 39 – Fingers

It’s probably going to be a bit quiet around this blog for the next couple of weeks as I have family visiting from London. So, I leave you with yet another random photograph. Normal service wiill be resumed as soon as possible.

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Freshers’ Fayre

Back in my student days, one of the highlights of the academic year was the “Freshers' Fair” (or was it Fayre?), where all the Student Union sponsored clubs and societies would lay out their wares and agendas and attempt to attract new members from the new intake. The clubs and societies covered pretty much every […]

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Dignity (and why I don’t do mainstream politics!)

“We stand for a set of principles. A committee can't just overthrow a government. That is self-evident. We have no such power or intention. We are just five independent members. We take instructions from nobody.”  —-Nobel Peace Prize Committee. “Democracy is a western invention so it can't work here although we tell our people we are […]

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Mad Crocs invade Liuzhou

Liuzhou and its river, the Liujiang, are being invaded by crocs! This is apparently the name of the favourite team in the world F1 powerboat championships being held here from tomorrow until Sunday 17th. This is the third year that the city has hosted this event. At the same time, we are promised the 6th International […]

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Silly Season

Things are quiet around here. Well, only in the sense that not much is really happening. It's as noisy as usual. So the newspapers are struggling for content. On the right is today's rag. The main story is that some people went shopping and some just hung around at home. Elsewhere, they mention that record […]

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More Confucian Confusion

Following the grand opening ceremony for Liuzhou’s Confucian temple on the 28th of last month, comes the news that it is to close this Friday, the 8th of October until next Spring Festival (February 3rd). You see they hadn’t really finished building it when they timed the opening festival to coincide with the old man’s birthday. […]

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Trip to Meet the Karaoke Governor

Something odd is happening to the communists around here! But first some background. On Wednesday evening, Liuzhou held its usual National Day celebration banquet at which they always reserve one table for foreigners. For the first time in years I was unable to infiltrate the event and so missed out on listening to the same […]

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