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Building Bunkum

It’s not exactly the most inaccurate thing the internet has thrown up about Liuzhou. Five years ago some idiot tried to convince us that Liuzhou was once the capital of China (the link has sadly expired). Thankfully, the roofing company architects who issued a press release on the 8th of September but forgot to tell anyone have now been taken up by the Wall Street Journal. They have only elevated us to capital of Guangxi. First time I’ve seen that one – Guilin is often erroneously promoted, too. Poor Nanning – you’ll have to up your PR.

At the same time as promoting Liuzhou, they have demoted Guangxi to a municipality. Oh dear.

It is interesting how often it is architects who get it all wrong. I was amused by the sentence (lifted straight from some Chinese propaganda) that the projects they are providing the roofs for “are set to become major landmarks within the town.” (Oh, we aren’t a capital city any more.)

This reminds me of the claim by architects AECOM who declared that their building was a major Liuzhou landmark despite it not having been built – it still hasn’t. Nor has the futuristic shambles we were promised at Longtan Park – perhaps there is a god after all!

Is there anything sadder than thinking Prince Charles might be right?

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