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Confucian Confusion

The picture above is of the Communist Party Secretary of Liuzhou Government bowing in a Confucian temple here in Liuzhou. Bowing party secretaries are a rare enough sight, but I can’t help wondering if he feels a little nervous. In Mao’s time, during the cultural revolution, his life expectancy after such an act would be […]

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Building Bunkum

It’s not exactly the most inaccurate thing the internet has thrown up about Liuzhou. Five years ago some idiot tried to convince us that Liuzhou was once the capital of China (the link has sadly expired). Thankfully, the roofing company architects who issued a press release on the 8th of September but forgot to tell […]

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The Write Stuff

Guangxi Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Guangxi Center for International Exchange of Personnel have come up with an excellent ploy to rope in the local laowai to write their propaganda for them. They have announced an essay competition for foreigners. There are prizes. Unspecified prizes, but prizes. The winners will be invited to Nanning […]

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Land Grab

There is nothing new about police land grabs and arrested villagers in China. Here in Liuzhou, as elsewhere, there have been several cases of land being appropriated. Some with violence, some more surreptitiously – negotiations have been made for suitable compensation, agreements signed, then the land is handed over, but the compensation never materialises or […]

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Random Picture No. 38 – Liu Bei

Random Picture No. 38 – Liu Bei I live and largely hang out on the northern side of the city – the civilised side! This is a picture of a horrible killer electric bike parking attendant (the bikes are killers, not the attendants (as far as I know)) employed by Liuzhou Government to ensure that the damned things […]

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Supermarket Sweep

The race to open the first new, major supermarkets in Liuzhou, a race which has mainly taken place in the locals' imaginations, is being won. Not by Walmart or Carrefour, neither of whom have even entered the race, but by Taiwan chain RT-Mart or 大润发. In a break from past thinking, they have chosen to […]

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